Gil Estes - Trombone


Yeah, you might have gotten the idea from the images above (and below), that I kinda like trombone stuff. Well, you’d be correct. In fact, being involved in making music with the Trombone is one of my passions. I don’t do it for a living (though I have at time), but I do try to be as involved as my schedule permits.

A little about me, because web pages we do about ourselves, are by nature, here goes.

Started playing trombone in 5th grade. Didn’t want to...wanted trumpet (what was I thinking...). Alas, I had a very wise and learned band director (Mr. Paul Ferran) who could look into the soul of a young lad, read his spirit and KNOW that the best instrument for this child was in fact the trombone (that and the fact that my arms could reach 6th position).

Starting high school, I was praised by an upper class(wo)man who told me that I sounded like a “Cow”. I presume she considered cows to be revered and honored.

Getting to college, I was privileged to study with Dr. William F. Cramer (RIP) who showed me what the trombone was all about. AIR...lots and lots of AIR...flowing FREELY through a collection of tubing to produce the music of the GODS! (I remember almost passing out once in a lesson...but I moved the air). I later learned how to refine all that air flow when I studied with Dr. John Drew. In fact, Dr. Drew was a real slave driver. He made me take a summers worth of lessons...with a BROKEN ARM (my RIGHT arm). I had never played that many flexibility and articulation exercises in my life. THANK YOU Dr. Drew!
That Summer was the best thing EVER for my playing. Learned how to harness my sound and make it something special.

I’ll let you peruse the page a bit now, and if you have any questions...don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Go in peace and in all things: Blow Freely!